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Dynamics Shaping the 2023 Global Supply Chains

Into a month of 2023, and we are witnessing a world of change, some challenges, but more opportunities than threat in global supply chains. The …

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Impact on Rising Interest Rates on Supply Chains

Last week the US Fed Reserve enacted its second consecutive 0.75 percentage point interest rate increase as it seeks to tamp down runaway inflation without …

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Supply Chain Sustainability

SCF Programs help create a sustainable & resilient supply chain The sustainability of supply chains has become increasingly important to businesses in recent years, as …

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Intellectual Property and Supply Chain

Boosting Supply Chain Using IP With asset managers trying to hunt for deals to boost revenues, industry CEOs are now turning to extract maximum value …

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Supply Disruptions Amidst Price Hikes

Will Tesco Lead the Way for Suppliers to optimize price levels For all the bakers and buttery toast aficionados, there was bad news- Lurpak, king …

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The New World-Where Intangible Assets Reign Supreme

Use of Intellectual Property to Create a Strategic Advantage About 30 years ago, it was common for a company’s founder to enter their banker’s office …

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